Meaning of Terms in Sportsbook Gambling

Meaning of Terms in Sportsbook Gambling – Various terms in online soccer gambling games are indeed difficult to understand for new members, here we will tell you the meaning of the terms in soccer gambling.

Even though the steps of online soccer gambling are certainly difficult for those who don’t understand the provisions on the soccer betting market. But we have become bookies for football betting betting agents to provide a guide on how to place soccer bets. In the following, we explain the basic views of betting on soccer gambling situs jasabola.

Reasons Why You Lose While Playing Sportsbook 


FT (Full Time)

In the FT soccer gambling market, it means a full set where every bet you place is up to 2 x 45 minutes.

HT (Half Time)

In the HT soccer gambling market, it means set one where every bet you place is up to 1 x 45 minutes.

ODDS (Kei / market value)

Odds are the same as running money where wins and losses can come through the amount of money at stake. For example, Odds -1.05 (red numbers) means that you need a capital of 105,000 to bet 100 thousand. But if the odds are +1.05 (blue / black numbers) if you bet 100 thousand, then the whole win is 105 thousand.

Home (H) (1)

Home gives a signal to the home team, usually writing the name of the team in red.

Away (A) (2)

Home gives a signal to the away / opponent team, usually the team name is written in blue / black.

Draw (x)

Draw provides a signal for the result of the final score of the match, usually often used for parlay soccer betting.

Over / Under (O / U)

O / U means above market voor or below market voor.

That is the view of basic provisions for beginners who don’t understand playing at a trusted online football bookie. With this article, we really hope that it can help all beginners as well as members of the Biggest Soccer Gambling Bookies.