The Complete Way to Play Cockfighting Online

The Complete Way to Play Cockfighting Online – This chicken graft game is very popular everywhere and there have been lots of people who have played this online chicken grafting game. How to Play Cockfighting Online – Cockfighting is one type of regional game that is really famous in Indonesia, where to be able to play it requires one match event, and 2 chickens that will later compete in that event. But because in Indonesia everything that smells of gambling is completely prohibited, including this game of cockfighting.

For conservative Cockfighting gambling fans, you don’t need to worry anymore now to be able to play Cockfighting gambling, because you can now play online with a feeling of security, comfort and don’t need to be afraid of being raided by the authorized factions.

How to Tutorial How to Play Cockfighting online?

The answer is through the most trusted online gambling agents on the internet today, one of which is the most trusted official online cockfighting agent that we recommend for you is Betdeal.

On this Betdeal site you can play Cockfighting through one of the best providers, Sv388, and can also play all types of games provided by Betdeal with a minimum deposit of only IDR 50,000. And to make it easier for some beginners who don’t understand the Tutorial on the Steps to Play Cockfighting Online, here we will explain the steps to play and what types of bets are in this Cockfighting game.

Complete tutorial on how to play cockfighting online

trusted online cockfighting

The game of cockfighting is really easy to understand, because in the way of playing you need to place bets on the red chicken (Meron) or the blue chicken (Wala) only. Where in this Cockfighting there are several types of bets that you can play as follows:

1. Red Chicken (Meron)

This bet type is a situation where the player places a bet on the chicken that has a red color (Meron), the calculation is very simple, that is, if the meron chicken wins the match, you are guaranteed to win, but if the meron loses before the full set of 10 minutes is up, then you are guaranteed to lose.

2. Blue Chicken (Wala)

A situation where the player bets on the chicken has a blue color, the calculation is that if the chicken is successful in winning the match, then you will be guaranteed to win, but if the wala loses before the time runs out, then the player is sure to lose.

3. BDD

BDD stands for Both Death Draw means that if both chickens die before the match time runs out, which is 10 minutes, therefore the match will be confirmed BDD, if the player places bets on the wala or meron therefore all player bets will be returned.

4. FTD

FTD stands for Full Time Draw, which means that if the 2 chickens have not died until the game time is up, which is 10 minutes then FTD is confirmed, and all bets whether BDD, Wala and Meron will be guaranteed to lose.

The information above is the various kinds of cockfighting bets, besides that there are also other terms, for example:

Hackfight: This type of bet is played in a free manner, where people are free to register and can place bets.

Derby Match: This type of bet on both teams where the winner is determined from which chicken team wins the most.

Scale: The meaning of this bet type is used to see how much the weight of the chicken will be competing.

In this Cockfighting there are calculation odds, make it to determine how much the value of the winning payout can be obtained if you win in a bet as below:

  • +1.00: If you place a bet of Rp. 100,000, and you win because of that you will receive a victory payment from this cockfighting game of Rp. 200,000 is also included with capital, but if you lose the match it means that the loss you get is Rp. 100,000.
  • +0.90: If you place a bet of Rp. 100,000, and win because of that, the winnings that will be received from it are Rp. 190,000 includes capital, but if you lose it means your loss is 100,000.
  • -0.90: if the bet is placed in the amount of Rp. 100,000, if you succeed in winning this cockfighting match, then the payout that can be received is Rp. 100,000, but if you lose it means that your loss is Rp. 90,000.
  • 1: 6: This is the highest winning payout in this Cockfighting game, if you place a bet of Rp. 100,000 and wins because the payout that you can get is 6 times the value of your bet.

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You should know some of the information above before starting the bet, if you play online via the Sv388 provider because of that there is also a meaning that you need to know, which is as follows:

  • Live: Acting for an important monitor by displaying the course of the current match, besides that in this menu you can also control the size of the monitor either in a normal or full screen way.
  • Betting Panel: In this menu you can place bets and select the type of odds in Online Cockfighting Gambling, here display the profile of the chicken that will be competing and the photo of the chicken.
  • History: In this menu we can see all the matches and can see the story of your bet.

Thus the info about the Complete Guide to How to Play Cockfighting Online, hopefully this info can help you to get satisfying results.