Best Tips at Poker Agents Guess QQ Capsa Game

Best Tips at Poker Agents Guess QQ Capsa Game – The capsa game is a gambling game and when you want to play this capsa game using cards and cards this is very popular among young people. Have you ever heard of the capsa game? This card game is very popular among young and old alike. The gameplay is easy enough to understand, fun, fun, and addictive.

Big TWOCapsa means thirteen. In English, it is better known as Big Two (because the highest card is 2) or Thirteen. The capsa game is generally played by four people. The required equipment is 52 cards without the Joker. At the beginning of the game, the 52 cards are dealt until they run out. So each player gets 13 cards.

There are actually two kinds of capsa games. The first is the capsa susun. So the 13 cards we get are arranged into a 5–5–3 formation. Then each formation is pitted against the opponent’s formation. Whoever wins the most is the winner. In my opinion, the capsa susun is less exciting because of the short duration of the game.

The second is what will be discussed in this article, namely the capsa slamming. Why is it called capsa slamming? Because when we take out the card, we slam it. In the capsa slamming game, whoever has drawn all of his cards first wins.

In the capsa, a card will win over the other cards if:

1. The number is higher than the opponent’s card
The lowest card is 3.While the highest card is 2.

2. The progress is higher than the opponent’s card
The tallest flower is the spade (?), Followed by the heart (?), The curl (?), And the last one is the diamond (?).

Cards can be issued individually, in pairs, or in combination.

1. Units

Card issued alone. Without another card. For example removing 3 ?, or K ?.

2. Pair (Pair)

Cards are issued a pair at once. The condition for issuing a pair is that both cards must have the same number. For example 3? & 3 ?. The lowest pair is pair 3. While the highest pair is pair 2. If the pairs are the same, then the pair with the highest flower wins.

3. Threes

Cards are issued three at a time. The condition is that all three cards must have the same number. For example 3 ?, 3 ?, and 3 ?. The lowest threes are threes 3, and the highest threes are threes 2.

4. Package

Is a combination of 5 cards. The following combinations are allowed (sorted by rank, from lowest to highest):

* Straight / Series

Is a combination with consecutive numbers. For example 3–4–5–6–7, or 9–10-J-Q-K. To determine which straight is higher it is usually the last card that is chosen in the straight. For example 3–4–5–6–7 is lower than 9–10-J-Q-K. Because the last card of a straight 3–4–5–6–7 is 7, while the last card of a 9–10-J-Q-K straight is K. But determining based on the last card is not absolute. There are many variations. See the variation section.

* Flush

Is a combination with the same flower. The name of the flush is determined by the flower. The flush that has the highest number wins from its opponent. If the highest number is the same, then it will be seen from the development. For example 3? -4? -8? -J? -A? higher than 5? -9? -10? -Q? -K ?.

* Fullhouse / polo

oloIs a combination of pair and threes. The name polo is determined by the threes. For example polo Queen is 3? -3? -Q? -Q? -Q ?. To determine which polo is higher, see the threes. For example a combination of threes Ace & pair 3 will win against threes King & pair Jack. Even though the Jack pair is higher than pair 3.

* Four of a kind / Piting

Is a combination of four numbered cards equal to 1 random card (free). The name of the piting is determined from four cards of the same rank. For example Queen’s piting is Q? -Q? -Q? -Q? -3 ?. When the piting combination is issued, 2 will be bombed. The point is that in unit play, 2 will be the lowest, while Ace is the highest. To return 2 to the highest unit, it would require more piting to return to bombing.

* Straight flush / flower series

Is a combination of 5 cards in sequence. But the flowers are the same. For example 5? -6? -7? -8? -9 ?. To determine which series of flowers is higher, look at the numbers first. Only then see the flowers. The highest flower series is 10? -J? -Q? -K? -A? also known as the royal straight flush.

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At the start of the game, each player gets 13 cards. The player who is entitled to go first is the player who has the smallest card, which is 3 ?. Card 3? this must be issued at the beginning of the game, it can be a unit or a combination. The game continues clockwise / counterclockwise.

If one player issues a single card, then the next player must also fight him with the higher unit. For example 3? against A ?. The units must be opposed to the units. Pair must be opposed by pair. Threes must be against threes. And the package must be opposed to the package. If the player does not have a card that can fight against him, or does not want to issue a card, he can “pass” or pass. After the pass, the player may not draw another card until the new trick has started (starting over).

When a player manages to keep drawing cards until no one else can fight back, he has the right to start a new trick. The new trick doesn’t have to be the same as the previous one. So, for example, before issuing a unit, in a new trick, you can issue a package or pair.

The game is generally finished when one of the players has finished his card. But sometimes, the game continues until only one player still has a card. When a player has issued his last card, for example Q ?. Then the player next to him must continue the trick. If you can’t continue the trick, then the next player will continue the trick. If no player can fight the last card, then the player after the player who issued the last card will inherit. So the player has the right to start a new trick.